Thursday, November 11, 2010

S'mores Time!!!

Yes, it's finally cool enough that all the mosquitoes died. So ok, maybe they didn't die, but are hybernating or have migrated to the warmer climes, but I prefer to think they ALL DIED. Anywho, we can finally spend meaningful amount of time in our backyard without pouring huge quantities of bug repellent on ourselves and still suffering most terrible bites.

So we've been busy on various yard projects, most notably - building a tree house. I've been busy pulling ivy, Virginia creeper and other weeds. We can finally see the soil that is our backyard. Seriously!

And now we have a little cleared out area that's just big enough and flat enough and close enough to the house to make it a (probably temporary) grilling area. So finally we moved the little smoker grill that we've had for like 3 years from the driveway to where it belongs, in the backyard.

And finally we toasted some marshmallows (or do you grill them?) and even made some s'mores!

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