Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our First Treehouse!

Yay, after almost three months the first tree house is ready. No, not the A-frame one, but the other one. Of course, the platform itself and the railing around it were ready back in September. Then we took a little break trying to figure out how to build the stairs or a ladder.

You see, this perch sits really high on the tree, more than 7ft above the ground. A vertical ladder of some sort wouldn't be safe enough for the little ones. Even dumping a truck-full of sand there wouldn't make it much safer as there are lots of tree roots sticking out here and there.

Then my dad visited (in October, around the NC State Fair time) and came up with an idea of a proper staircase with landings and all. So he and Chris got to work and got it mostly done. Then we took another break because of the weather and not having enough hours in the day.

Finally, the railing was done and Chris primed the super-structure. Now, priming and painting this monster is really the most tedious and time-consuming job we've done so far. And by "we" I mean Chris. I did help him just a bit, but mostly I ended up entertaining M and chasing him away from the paint can and the brushes (we'll do some awesome painting project with the leftover paint though). So here it is, the super-duper tree house! Ta-da!

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