Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Pre-Harvest Season Scarecrow

This simple scarecrow project I did with the Drummer Boy a month or so ago. I felt really inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Filth Wizardry.

The only problem was that unlike the super-mom over at Filth Wizardry, I am a newbie. And so I don't have a secret stash of empty containers, scrap paper, leftover wood, and other odds and ends and leftovers from previous fun projects (but guess what - I'm working on it).

So I had to make some substitutions:

  • Instead of scrap wood for scarecrow's frame, we used dry branches and twigs from trees that my hubby cut months ago and that still litter our backyard.

  • We didn't have any paper to shred to use as stuffing and I couldn't think of any other convenient stuffing material, so we skipped this step.

  • And as fun and freaky as it would've been to use Drummer Boy's photo for the face, we had to make do without it.
Of course, I could've used a photo cutout from a cover of one of the magazines. But then I thought of a better idea - I took a small paper plate and let Drummer Boy draw a face on it (ok, he's only just learning to draw stick figures, so the result looked nothing like a face).

I also traced Drummer Boy's hands onto sheets of paper, cut them out and used as scarecrow's hands. DB thought it was a hilarious idea - he loves tracing.

Finally, we used plenty of duct tape, scotch tape and twine to hold the contraption together to DB's sheer delight and complete freak out by our cat. Reflecting on this project now, I think duct tape was the most critical component!

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