Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Collage Art

This simple and free collage project was perfect for us. I did it first with my 2-year old Bee Bop Drummer and then again with his 5-year old pal and both times the kids loved it. And in only took me a couple of minutes to set up.
First, I went through my stash of old magazines and tore out the most colorful pages (usually the full-page ads). I then cut these pages into narrow strips and further into small rectangles and triangles. The DrummerBoy doesn't use scissors yet otherwise it would've been a great add-on activity (will keep in mind for the future). Also, next time I might try shredding some of the pages.

So on Monday morning I gave my little one a plastic cafeteria tray (perfect for messy crafts projects), a piece of white construction paper and a little plastic tub with the colorful clippings. Oh, and glue in a squeeze bottle.

Predictably, he was more fascinated with squeezing the glue out of the bottle than doing art. But once I showed him how he could place the pieces, he got more into the process.
The entire project was done in about 15 minutes not because we ran out of glue (although the Drummer Boy used plenty of it and then some), but because he'd had enough and wanted to play with his trains for a change.

I put the finished art on the fridge to dry (see #9 magnet holding it up - we're trying to learn our numbers now).

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