Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pix from the NC Zoo

Yep, I'm totally lazy. So lazy that I don't even bother to come up with a title for this post. But this photos are way overdue. Anyway, we went to a zoo in Asheboro with good friends.

It was a long hot day and one of the first animals we got to see was this awesome polar bear. It was his meal time. The zoo keeper would throw fish to the bear and the bear would lumber around looking for it. Sometimes it would step of the rocks into the cold water. We hoped he'd jump and splash us, but that didn't happen. But the kids got to crawl into this fake ice-cave and they claimed it was nice and cold there.

The big attraction in the Asheboro Zoo right now is the Dinosaurs exhibit. So we bought the add-on tickets to see that. But first kids wanted to ride on a carousel.
And then they wanted to watch a 4D movie. We figured out (belatedly), that the 4th dimension was the part where you are sprayed with water and, most painfully, kicked in the back by your own seat! It seriously hurt! But the kids had a blast and that's all that matters, right?

Now,  I loved the dinosaurs - they are huge, some move and even the ones that don't are extremely life-like. But the kiddos are spoiled by the excellent Dino Dig experience at our local Life and Science Museum (in Durham). So they pretty much strolled by. The only two that really got their attention were the alarmingly realistic and blood-thirsty giganotosauras
and the much-smaller carnivorous dinosaur that spits poison at you when you stop near it (ok, the one in the park spits water, but the point is it SPITS it and that, if you ask any 6-year old, is the important part)

And then we walked some more and saw lots more animals, including giraffes and zebras and elephants (one of them pooped which also was exciting, as you can imagine). And the kid got to sit on all sorts of (fake) animals - a dinosaur...
a giant honey bee and
a baby rhino, to name a few...
But the biggest hit of all were the various playgrounds all through the zoo. They seriously rock! You can go to the zoo and just spend a day there on the playgrounds. I could! And the kids were all for it too. Even after they got very tired (walking the entire length of the zoo!) and hungry and it was very hot, but they just wanted to stay and play.
They especially liked the playground closest to the North America entrance. It was very simple - no slides, no climbing equipment, no fancy stuff at all. Instead, lots of random objects to make little hide-outs with, to bake mud pies with, to play with water, old tires, a wheel barrow, and various odds and ends.
Unbelievably, even after pretty much an entire day of walking, running, climbing and playing, the kids were ready for more fun. So we stopped at the Mills Creek Orchard. Unfortunately, the pick-your-own peaches and grapes weren't ready yet. But we picked yummy thorn-less blackberries and some late season blueberries.

 And then the boys got to drink freshly made no-sugar added peach slushies (yummy!!!!) and swing on tire swings.
 And everyone was very happy.

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