Sunday, November 11, 2012

Epic Climb

On Day 2 of our stay in NE, Chris got it into his head to climb a tree in Grandma's backyard. I guess, raking leaves was getting to be too boring. Fortunately, I was there to take pictures of his fit of strength.

"Not sure what got into me, but I can totally do it! Totally!"
"It ain't nothing. I work out!"
 "Hey babe, check this out! Told ya I could do it!"
 "Crap, this is pretty high to jump down from"
 "No worries, I'll figure something out. Will try climbing down the other side"
 "Hmm, the other side is also pretty high... Ok, gotta go back the same way, I guess"
 "If this was yoga, this would've been a Panda-asana."
 "It'd suck to fall and break a leg. Should I tuck and roll?"
"The Eagle has landed!"

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