Friday, August 31, 2012

Before School Started...

The last week before school was absolutely crazy. Here are some things that come to mind mostly because I remembered to take pictures.

 Having lunch with all his Wall-Es.

 Building aliens out of magnetic pattern tiles.

 Building Titanic out of some foam blocks I picked up for another project. He was so happy with his "Titanic" and kept telling me "Look, I'm the captain of the Titanic! I'm the captain of the Titanic!" I think he first learned about it at his Jr FLL club. He then asked me why Titanic was called "Titanic" and, after listening to my explanation, said that if he was to name an ocean ship after something big and powerful, he'd name it not Titanic, but "Whale-ic" ('cause whales are the biggest in the ocean).

He then asked me what happened to the Titanic and I explained briefly. Unexpectedly, it came up last week. We were at a cafe and there was the weather report on TV, showing the path of the Hurricane Isaac. M looked a bit worried, so I explained that Isaac wasn't going to affect us. "There is nothing to worry about, hon", I said. To which he replied with a sigh "Yeah, this is exactly what they said about the Titanic".
 Making an Empire (Star Wars) symbol out of magnetic shapes.
 Getting his new astronaut space suit, putting it on and going for a moonwalk in the yard.
 Planting the American flag while on the moonwalk.
And collecting moon rocks.

Plus we had a few playdates, a couple of birthday parties, a book club meeting, and a movie outing. Wew! I'm glad the school is in session now!

Before I forget, here are M's steps for surviving a playdate with girls:

1. Взять с собой световой меч - Take a lightsaber with you
2. Одеть костюм Бобы Фета - Put on a Boba Fett costume
3. Размахивать световым мечом - Wave the lightsaber around
4. Начать сражаться - Start battling
5. Делать все страшное - Do everything scary
6. Найти других мальчиков и подружиться с ними - Find and befriend other boys


  1. Too funny about playdates with girls. Anna's best friend is a boy and they constantly making weapons and fighting invisible bad guys. It must be "a boy thing", because she doesn't do it while playing on her own - she builds other stuff but not weapons.

    1. That's really funny. When M does play with girls, he ends up playing their games - pet hospital, house, cooking, etc. But he never plays it with the boys. Although, I must say, the most successful and in-demand toy in our house is a tea party playset with pink flowers on it. All the boys play with it and have tea parties (although they usually build a fort first and then host parties in it).