Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Other Things in NY

We're almost ready to head home. I can't wait to see my cat and to check on my garden. I originally planned on being in NY for only 10 days, but decided to extend the stay for another week. Returning home is always nice, but this time especially so since July is when Chris comes home for R&R.

In the mean time, while we're still in NY, here are some pictures, in no particular order. Last weekend we went to pick wild blueberries with my cousin and his eldest daughter. It was a lot of fun even though we only found a handful (quite literally) of ripe blueberries. The rest were still green. But the few tiny berries that we did find were delicious, very different from the store-bought ones or the ones that grow in my garden.

 But it was more than just picking berries. We searched for all sorts of interesting things - seed pods, flowers, ferns, butterflies and such and took pictures whenever we could.
 ... and that included, unfortunately, trash. Ok, so there wasn't all that much of it since the trail we were on is not used all that often. Fortunately, this time we had a couple of plastic bags with us and the kids got really into this whole garbage hunt.
 But not everything we did in NY had to be about garbage. Ok, so here we are getting ready to have some tea, Russian-style.
 And also there was gardening M did with Grandma. Grandma's plants are covered with these plastic containers. It sort of looks like she's growing a plastic box plant. Well, not exactly, these are berry bushes. Seriously, haven't you ever wandered how all those berries you buy in store end up neatly packed into plastic containers? Well, that's how!
 Ok, I'm pulling your leg, of course. This is just Grandma's latest attempt to protect the harvest from all sorts of critters - chipmunks, squirrels, a ground hog and lots and lots of birds. It's a bit less tedious to use plastic boxes than little mesh bags she used last year (and still uses whenever she runs out of boxes)
 Do the efforts pay off? Ok, here's the day's haul of blueberries, currants and cherries. If not for the bags, these would had been eaten by the wildlife. But now M gets to eat them instead.
 We also grilled. Here's Grandma acting, not very successfully, as the grill master with me looking on (it's fascinating to watch others work). M shot this pictures. He is getting much better with the focus and the composition.
And that's us enjoying ice-cream on the deck after the day's work's done.

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  1. All those pix of plants and fruits and vegetables made me want to find Fibonocci numbers in them. Our 'math eyes' have recently been tuned to that channel. Last year, the persimmon tree in our backyard just dropped messy fruit only the deer would eat. This year, an unripe fruit inadvertently stepped on reveals EIGHT cavities in side -- up until now we've only found threes and fives. :-)