Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Houses

We've been very busy, including building a couple of little houses. The first one is very temporary where basically I throw some old sheets over a climbing frame and M puts pillow cases and little rugs there to make it "cozy". Then he goes off to collect dandelions for food. I told him a while ago that pretty much every part of a dandelion is edible and he seemed to be very taken by the fact.

The second house was something we just decided on one day. It's in the secret corner of our yard. I raked a few inches of old pine needles and leaves off the ground and pulled all the English ivy, set up a frame with some sturdy-looking sticks. I was going to make an honest to goodness survival-style A-frame out of sticks and leaves. But turns out, we don't have enough sticks. Or rather, we do, but they are either not long enough, not thick enough, not sturdy enough or all of the above.

Thankfully, Grandma is a genius and she gave me an idea to use our old reed fencing instead. I had to cut it to size and pad it with some old leaves. But it seems to be working well, even standing up to moderate rain. Next, we (and this time it was actually mostly M) collected rocks from all over the yard and put them into a circle for where we will (maybe) roast marshmallows.

Finally, M asked to keep the exact location very secret because this is his secret Rebel Alliance base on Hoth. So unless you are his old teacher, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Master Yoda himself, you likely won't get to see it in person.

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