Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catching Up with Random Pictures

Ok, so the pictures aren't so random. Just little odds and ends, photos that I meant to turn into posts, but kept procrastinating and running out of time. On the bright side, you'll be spared long-winded narrative...

The top picture is from all the way back from the Groundhog Day. Turns out, there's a big celebration in Raleigh, complete with our local groundhog predicting the weather. Which we totally missed. Instead, we went to a nature center for a walk-around, looking for groundhog borrows and then doing some groundhog crafts.

Finally, M discovered a couple of kitchen cabinets perfect for hiding. This one, with a lazy susan is particularly good for playing fort.

 Making new toys for M doesn't always work out so well. But he really liked this simple one - a can and some magnets hot-glued to odds and ends.

 Grandpa brought the slide all the way from NY! M helped with the installation.
So now we have a bright yellow and very fast slide in addition to a bright red tree platform.

And that's all for the random pix.

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