Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Camp Disaster

Note: I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago. Just getting around to posting it. Feel free to skip reading it altogether as it is a) old news and b) mostly me whining about stuff.

What a week it's been! I've made a mistake back in April and this was the day (or rather the week) of reckoning. No, I don't mean taxes, although we are still waiting on our refund from the IRS and looks like we might not even get it. What I'm talking about is the summer camp.

When we got back from NY in March, I must'd lost my mind with all the moving, settling back into our routines and taking care of it all while Chris was on crutches. How else can I explain the decision to sign M for a day camp?!

It was a Park and Rec Dept camp, so not terribly expensive. It was only for 1 week, 3 hours each morning. The biggest selling point for me was the name of the camp, Muddy Buddy. I guess after a long-long snowy winter being stuck in a small-small house, an idea of my son crawling through mud while hunting for critters had a special appeal to me. Plus one of his little friends was going to be in that camp as well.

Everything was just peachy on Monday. I dropped M off with a promise to wait for him by the door to the camp room, in a small waiting area with semi-comfortable chairs. Which I did except for a quick dash home to re-charge my cell phone and do some work.

At 12pm sharp the doors of the camp room opened and M walked out, beaming and chatting non-stop about how awesome this camp thing was. He showed me the art work (!!!) he did, told me about leaves he collected, about blocks and play dough he played with and puzzles (!!!) and how he had 4 teachers who were just the best and who were helping him to tie shoes and cut sticky tape. He declared that he wanted to go to the camp every single day.

Then on Tuesday he refused to go into the camp room. Might have been my mistake. I told him that instead of waiting for him in the waiting area the whole time I would first need to run to the shop to get the car inspected.

Wednesday was another successful day at the camp. I took a book with me that I've been meaning to read for the last few months and actually enjoyed the three hours of not having to do anything. M enjoyed his time at the camp as well, laughing, playing and going on a hunt for fire-flies (although he didn't catch any).

On Thursday I drove him to the camp full of expectations for another relaxing morning. Except M absolutely refused to even walk into the building! No amount of reasoning, promises of rewards or threats of punishment made any difference. He would have none of it, the camp that is. Turns out, it was boring, the amazing teachers made him do horrible things, like painting a flower pot, and unless I was willing to sit inside the camp room and go on the outdoor adventures with him, he would not go to the camp at all. Grrr, I'm ashamed to admit, but things got pretty ugly at this point (although, to my credit, there was no butt-wooping).

On Thursday night after a long day of no desserts, no movies/cartoons, and no pool, M said that he wants to have a good day on Friday, but he wouldn't go to the camp anyway. So that was the end of our summer camp.

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  1. wow..maybe he is just got used to all the fun stuff you both doing together..