Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 3 - Getting Used to It

Yes, more and more snow, but what else's new? Actually, lots of things. I think we're settling into the routine now or so it seems. Morning - I try to sleep in ('til 7:15 or so), but it usually doesn't happen, so I just pretend I'm asleep and stay in bed as long as I can. Then M helps me make the bed. Remember, it a fold-out loveseat, so it takes some strong muscles to fold it. M's muscles are getting much stronger since now he eats not one, but two breakfasts - one with his grandparents as they are getting ready for work and another one - with me after I finally get out of bed.

Then we try to do something fun - play with cans of fruits and veggies, for example. You'd be amazed at how many different games you can play with cans (full and empty) after you've stayed indoors for 3 weeks with M. For example, this is a canbot we built. M was responsible for the overall design, me - for hot-gluing it all together. M didn't want the robot to have eyes, just an alarm button to warn him of dust storms. There are also battery packs on the back and later on M wanted to add some "shooting things".
And then M built an Axiom (from Wall-E) out of all the cans from the pantry.

We've also started talking about Valentine's Day, although M calls it Balenvine Day. But I think he got the idea after making a little craft of wrapping a yarn around the heart shaped loom I made for him with a scrap of wood and some nails.
After that craft, M wanted to make me more gifts. One was a bracelet (he picked the beads for it). The other one was going to be a nice painting. M asked me what colors I wanted to see, then chose pink and told me not to look 'cause he wanted it to be a total surprise. A few minutes later he called me over and proudly showed the painting he made just for me - Pink Skeleton, complete with a rib cage!
Oh, and M also drew pictures of me, Babushka and the cat. Last time he drew pictures of people (or animals) was... never. So these are officially his first portraits. He was very happy with the result and even wanted to sign them (баба, мама, кот).
It was interesting that he drew me wearing black and grey pants and a fuzzy purple sweater. He then drew Babushka with the same colors because after all, that purple sweater is hers and I just borrow it sometimes. And then he drew our orange tabby cat. He made sure to draw the blue collar and the bright red tag Xander now wears.
So now we have another picture to add to our impromptu gallery wall.
I also started a word wall and it went well for a while. M did read the words for a while, but then kind of stopped paying attention. I think I need to remove the letters off the wall and start new word after a few days.
Oh, since this week was Chris' birthday, we wanted to celebrate (even though Chris is away). Unfortunately, we were snowed in again and couldn't go to the bakery for a dessert. So instead, Grandma and M made some cookies.
Our little backyard sledding hill is growing with all the snow.
So Babushka, M and myself went sledding there a few times, including a candle-lit evening sledding with hot компот to keep us warm. The rest of the time we were busy digging our way out of the snow. M has his little shovel and is now helping us out in earnest. Telling you, he's getting much stronger.
Oh, and today the weather was actually nice (meaning no snow or icy rain) and we ran some errands. Good news - even though I'm going to miss the huge Wake County Public Library annual book sale, I've found another book sale here, in NY. And I already went to it and got a few books. This is a much smaller sale, but it takes place in a very nice little library and all the books cost between $o.10 and $1. Can't beat that, right?

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