Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Wineberries

Went to Seven Lakes yesterday with the grandparents. I thought a simple picnic would be a fun and low-key way to spend a day. Yeah, ok. First, M refused to go. Then he wined all through a very short (less than a quarter mile) hike. Plus my Mom gets obsessed about us stepping into or brushing up against poison ivy. And my Dad didn't bother getting out of the car at all. Oh, and we didn't get any picnic-y stuff except for some fresh bread from our favorite bakery.

Still, things started to look up when we spotted a large thicket of wineberry bushes by the road. Since Mom was the best-dressed (for the job) of all of us - wearing long pants and high socks and long sleeves - she went to pick the berries and told us to not get out of the car. After a while I got bored and got out to take some pictures.

I've tried so hard to take pictures of this batterfly, but the ants kept messing it up for me. It looked like the second the batterfly made itself comfortable, they'd start to tickle it and it'd fly away just to come back a couple of seconds later. So I gave up on the insects and tried taking pictures of the clusters of unripe wineberries and whatever little flowers I could find on the roadside.

Then M got bored and wanted to get out of the car. Before that he was busy eating a bagel, but now he was done and wanted to see what we were up to. So I got him out of the car and he saw the bushes with all the berries and guess what he said: "Look Mama, look at all the quantities!". He then wanted to pick some of these "quantities", but I really had to watch out for poison ivy 'cause it's everywhere here.

Turns out, the no-picnic picnic can be fun after all. Gotta do it again soon.

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