Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trip to Charlotte

This weekend we were away, visiting our friends in Charlotte. How can a road trip to Charlotte be complete without stopping at IKEA for some meatballs and shopping.

I told M. that our friends moved to a new big house full of toys and that when we get there we'd have dinner (and dessert)... So when we got to IKEA he thought that was their new apartment complext (you see, our friends used to live in an apartment).
Still, he wasn't disappointed when we got to our destination late Friday evening. The house is huge and mostly empty, with lots of room to round around and play. There is also a playground and a large pool barely 100 yards away. There was also a large grassy backyard with plenty of room for Lana's 2-year old son and M to run around and play. Add to that the fact that Lana is a terrific cook who serves generous portions and NEVER skips desserts and you understand that it was a real holiday for M.

We didn't do much exploring while in Charlotte. Actually, we didn't get to see Charlotte itself, except its skyline. Instead, we spent most of Saturday at the pool. Lana packed a bag-full of snacks and juice. I'm telling you, it was dream come true for M. who went from hating the idea of getting into water to "snack first, swim later" to "Mom, this water is so GREAT" in the space of an hour.

We had to leave pretty early on Sunday, but had time for a little side-trip to Waxhaw, a tiny little town just a few miles from our friends' house. It was absolutely charming even though all the businesses on Main St were closed for the day. We walked around a bit, watched a couple of CSX trains pass by, and stopped at a small park so that the kids could run around a bit before heading back.

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