Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lots of Fun on Weekends

We're riding a bus now. First, Mr. M and I took the bus to downtown Raleigh for Artsplosure festival when Chris was working (and had a car). The bus ride was great, the Artsplosure was even better:

First we had some hotdogs because we ran into a hotdog lady on the bus (she usually sells hotdogs by the Natural History Museum and that's how we know her).

Then M. made a star out of clay and stamped some designs on it. Actually, looking at some of the pictures, the clay might have been first and the hotdog - next.

And after the hotdog was all finished, M. tried doing some crafts - he painted and tried making a bracelet. And then we went to the Kids Museum.

But the best part was that after a ride back, M. fell asleep on the walk back (ok, he was in a stroller) and stayed asleep even after I transferred him from a stroller to a couch and he slept for 2.5 hours! Hooray!

Oh, and the day before M. and I went to see some chickens on a Henside the Beltline Tour de Coup. It's always fun to see and feed some backyard chickens and to take a look at other people's backyards.

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